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    Post  Sebastian Sharpe on Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:37 pm

    Name: Master Swordsmen
    Type: melee
    Range: mid to close
    Description: Sebastian is both efficient and deadly with a sword. Being trained by his father Sebastian learned how to use a sword early and through years of training he is considered by many to be the best with a sword.

    Name: Natural Leader
    Type: Allies
    Range: N/A
    Description: even as child Sebastian was a natural born leader, he watches out for those around him and commands a lot of respect from both his peers and subordinates. Sebastian’s presence on a battle field has the ability to boost the moral of his allies giving them a 25% stat increase (a 10 point boos to be used to increase base stats for one topic ONLY)

    Name: Kido Master
    Type: Kido
    Range: all around
    Description: Sebastian’s devotion to becoming stronger and his constant training has lead him to be proficient with all kido

    Name: Massive Spiritual Pressure
    Type: Self
    Range: None
    Description: Sebastian’s most notable aspect his is large and sometime overwhelming spiritual pressure, it may not compare to the captain commanders but his Spiritual pressure is incredibly high, it is said that Sebastian is one of the few people that would be able to stand around the Captain commander at full strength though he would still feel the weight of their spiritual pressure.

    Name: Perception
    Type: Self
    Range: Self
    Description: Sebastian pays close attention to the field of battle and watches his opponents movement noticing any slight change in their body movements or spiritual pressure. This in turn leads to Sebastian being able to sometime predict the movements of his opponent a few seconds ahead of time.

    Name: Rage
    Type: Self
    Range: Self
    Description: this only occurs when Sebastian loses control of himself and goes into a state of rage, his spiritual pressure will increases a bit and his strength and durability are increases by 50%

    Name: Zanpakutou Mastery
    Type: Zanpakutou
    Range: N/A
    Description: Sebastian has trained so hard and has built up such a strong bond with Gabriel, that he is able to activate both his shikai and bankai without saying the release phrases. Sebastian is also able to communicate with Gabriel without having to enter his inner world.

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